Mel Reyes

The Artist

Born and raised in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. The creative gene is very strong in me. During my childhood and teenage years I spent great time taking art classes, drawing, creating fashion designs for my dolls and decorating my room. Since then I haven't stop creating! 

My art background has helped me develop a keen eye for combining textures, colors and shapes in surprinsingly fun and attractive ways. My work is a unique expression of color, joy, bliss and personality.

I have always been inspired by nature, plants, flowers and the ocean. The colors of the Caribbean are reflected on my art and my handbags Stella di Mari. 

When I'm not making art (am I ever?), I'm drinking puertorrican coffee, reading, or enjoying a beautiful day at the beach or the park with my family.

Thank you for being here to share my passion for art and design! 

-Mel Reyes