The creative gene is very strong in me. During my childhood and teenage years I spent great time taking art classes, drawing, creating fashion designs for my dolls and decorating my room. There was always a constant desire and need to make stuff, to beautify my surroundings. I was always making, making and making.

In 2009, during a dark period in my life I feel the need to learn something new, to create, to heal my soul. I asked my very talented and creative mom to teach me how to sew, so she brought home a bag pattern, some fabric and her sewing machine. That’s when Stella di Mari was born. Sewing healed me and I fell in love with the craft.

Since then I’ve been creating handcrafted handbags. My art background has helped me develop a keen eye for combining materials, fabrics, shapes, textures and colors in surprisingly fun and attractive ways. My work is a unique expression of color, joy, bliss and personality. I like to think about my bags as wearable art.

Stella Di Mari has evolved during all these years. My objective is to produce one of a kind, hand crafted and hand painted bags and accessories for the creative person who dares to be different. When you acquire a Stella Di Mari bag, you are investing in a piece of art inspired by nature, distinctive and varied cultural influences and fanciful escapades!

At Stella di Mari we only produce a very limited amount for each model and fabric design, like a piece of art, adding the attractiveness of certain exclusiveness for our clientele.

My work is full of creative craftsmanship. I design and create every pattern, paint fabrics, sew and make each product from my studio in Miami.

You are hereby invited to share my passion for art and design!

- Melissa Reyes